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Strong Shaking Device



Reference standard

ISO1833 / 5088, JIS L1030-2

Use/Good point

This is a strong shaking device for dissolution method for the quantitative analysis of the fiber mixtures.
It allows intermittent motions with 3 setting times, for instance, “Shake intensely for 10 minutes at first, then rest for 5 minutes, and Shake again for 5 minutes again.” (JIS L1030-2,
There is a High-Low speed switch that corresponds to instant speed change, and there is an inverter for voluntary speed change.
This apparatus is designed for high grade safety and durability in particular since sulfuric acid is used as the testing dissolution fluid.


Erlenmeyer flask (300mL) - 2pcs
Operating manual - 1 book


Capacity2 Erlenmeyer flasks (300mL each)
Amplitude of Vibration70mm
Shaking Speed20-250rpm
Change-Speed SwitchThree-Step Switch Low(190rpm) - Manual - High(250rpm
Speed IndicatorInverter Digital Indicator (rpm)
Timer3 Timers (1st Run, Rest, 2nd Run)
Timer DisplayDigital 4 digits (up to 99h59m)
Angle of ShakingCounter Angle Adjusting Clinchers
Safety MeasuresSafety Cover for Operating Panel (crystalline acrylic or stainless-steel)
Power SourceAC 100V 50/60Hz 200W
External DimensionsApprox. 420(W) x 435(D) x 680(H) mm