PRODUCTSPachymeter, Compressive Elasticity Modulus

Automatic Compression Elasticity-Thickness Tester [CEH-400]
Reference standard: JIS L 1096、JIS L 1913
ISO 5084
GB/T 3820
This apparatus can automatically measure the compressi
bility and compression elastic modulus of material with
elsticity (such as woven cloth, foam rubber etc.).
The testing conditions can be reset freely, such as com-
pression load deformation speed, maintain time, recipro-
cating time etc.
Thickness Gauge [CR-10A, FS-60DS]
Reference standard: JIS L 1096
ISO 5084
GB/T 3820
This is an apparatus to measure the thickness of fiber
cloth, film, paper, form rubber etc. With the presser at-
tached to the botom end of the indication spindle the speci
men is held fast and its thickness quickly measured.
CR-10A type indicate the reading on the dial-gauge and
FS-60DS type indicate the reading on the digital indication