PRODUCTSHydraulic Resistance

Automatic Pressure Resistance Tester for Aerosol-Cans [AC-3MPA]
Reference standard:
Hydraulic Apparatus for Kitchen Pot [AD-20MPA]
Reference standard:
This is an appraisal tester for hydraulic test of kitchen pot. As indicated in the Daily Use Product Safety Law, for the pressure cooker of pot, the report includes the accident as the cover flying out.
Give the water pressure into the pot at a certain speed, the expansion and the Max. pressure value is measured automatically.
Hydraulic Tester for Catheter Tube [CT-3MPA]
Reference standard: ISO-10555-2:1997
Bursting Strength Tester (Hydraulic method) [HB-1000K]
Reference standard:
High-Pressure Type Water Resistance Tester [WP-1000K]
Reference standard: JIS L 1092、ISO 811、AATCC 127、GB/T 4744 standards