PRODUCTSAbsolute Dry Mass, Moisture Regain

Moisture Measuring Oven (with electronic balance) [COM-500A]
Reference standard: JIS L 1095、L 1096
ASTM D-1576、D-2495-01
GB/T 9995
This oven-drying is used to determine the amount of
moisture present in ordinary commercial and industrial
sample of wool or cotton in all forms.The oven is thermo-
statically controlled in the temperature ramge 105±2 ℃
throughout the enclosure.
A specimen of wol or cotton material is weighted and then
dried to constant mass in an oven. The loss in mass is
considered moisture and reported as either moisture
content or moisture regain.Directions are given for the adjustment of the observed reslts for any change in the
moisture content after sampling and before drying.
Moisture Regain Oven [MD-100]
Reference standard: JIS L 0105-5.3.2、L-1096-8.1
ASTM D-1576、D-2495-01
GB/T 5718-1997
This oven with an electric balance is used for measuring
the moisture content and regain percentage of textile materials.
This oven is warmed by an infrared heater and conrolled by a temp.controller in the temperature range of 105±2℃
throughout the nclosure.