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Moisture Regain Oven



Reference standard

JIS L 0105-5.3.2、L-1096-8.1
ASTM D-1576、D-2495-01
GB/T 5718-1997

Use/Good point

This apparatus is an infrared dryer used for measuring the absolute dry weight and moisture percentage.
After inserting six materials to dry chamber at a time, the mass measurement are taken at a constant interval and finished at absolute dry condition, then work out the absolute dry weight and moisture percentage. The mass before-after dry measurement(g), moisture percentage(%) and the mean moisture percentage(%) of six materials are displayed and printed out.
The absolute dry condition is, catching the point in time when the mass defect before-after dry measurement is settled within the preset mass defect, after the mass measurement are taken at a preset interval. At that point the measurement is finished.


Number of sample6pcs(turn table)
Weight of sample~50g(one)
Min. reading of weight1 mg
Drying wayFar infrared heater(1KW)
Setting range of temperature180℃(custom105℃)
DisplayLCD with backlight(4-digit)
PrinterThermal-micro printer
Power sourceAC100V/200V/220V 1.1KW
Outside dimensionsW650×D600×H500mm
Preset measuring time15~120min
Preset measuring interval2~10min
Preset mass defect10~999mg
Preset measuring No.1~9999