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Sample Yarn Winder



Use/Good point

This is a yarn winding machine developed for stable color measurement and rapid sample-making. According to the variation of winding initial position, winding width, winding density and winding number of layers, the yarn may wind on the paper equably or layered. Its winding control program holds a maximum memory winding conditions. Regarding the memory condition, next time it may carry on directly just by calling out.


Winding initial positionMax. 150 (Unit: mm)
Winding widthMin. 150 (Unit: mm)
Winding density3~250 (Unit: 0.01mm)
Winding number of layers0~199 (layers)
Registration number100 (No. 0~99)
Winding speed5~200r.p.m
IndicatorLCD indicator (4 lines)
Date memory modeStoring-type memory
Power sourceAC100V