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DI Type Yarn Cohesion Tester



Use/Good point

This tester is used to measure the frictional resistance and cohering strength of yarns. It is available to make yarns rub with each other by crossing them with each other and measure the total rubbing times having caused them to break off or to make them rub with each other certain times and then appraise the tensile strength of them after making their tensile test.
The tester is so designed as to change the crossing angle of yarns, the reciprocating stroke, the reciprocating speed, and the loading weight individually so that it may carry out the tests of yarn in a variety of conditions.


Load weight 1set 100g(2pcs);200g(1pc);50g(1pc);
weight carrier base(1set:50g)
Hexagon wrench 1pc
Power cord 1pc
Instruction manual 1pc


Length of yarn1.4 ~ 3.4 m
Yarns crossing angle30 ~ 60°
Testing loadMax.500g(Load weight sets)
Reciprocating strokeMax.60 mm
Reciprocating speed100、150、200times/min.
Power sourceAC100V 50/60Hz
DimensionsApprox. W650×D400×H300 mm