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Yarn-on-Yarn Abrasion Resistance Tester



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Use/Good point

This apparatus is a tester for yarn cohesion or yarn abrasion resistance and it is a succession machine of our DI-200. This apparatus allows to carry out 5 crossing yarn specimens at a time. And there are five counters to count how many times how many times each yarn abrades each other. Then one of the specimens is broken the counter stops at that point. Also, tensile loads (up to 1000g) can be applied to each specimen. There is also a main counter and timer on it to indicate total testing time and number of abrading times. Crossing angle, reciprocating speed and length are all adjustable therefore variety of test method can be carried out.


Safety Cover: Standard Feature

Standard Accessories
・Load Mount (50g): 5pcs
・Load (50g): 5pcs
・Load (100g): 15pcs
・Load (200g): 15pcs
・Hex Wrench: 1
・Instruction Manual: 1


Specimen Length0.8m or Max. 3.4m
Testable Number (N=)5
Yarn Crossing Angle30 to 90 degree
Tensile LoadMax. 1000g to each yarn
Reciprocating StrokeMax. 60mm
Reciprocating Speed20 to 250 rpm
External DimensionsApprox. W680*D400*H320
Power SupplyAC100/220V 50/60Hz