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Twist Counter


M-1, MM-20

Reference standard

JIS L-1095, ISO 2061 / 2062 / 6939, ASTM 1422 / 1423

Use/Good point

This is a pendulum type twist counter conformed to the JIS and ASTM standards. It is used to count the number of twists of yarn and to check the percentage of twist shrinkage. It is operated to conventional or untwist/re-twist method for S & Z twist yarns by the switching gear. The number of twists can be accurately read on the counter.
There is a foot-operated switch come with MM-20 (Electric type). It makes the operation very efficiently while the operating status can be observed with sitting.


* Foot operating switch・・・・1piece
* Initial load weight・・・・1set (6 pieces)
* Lens stand・・・・1set
* Manual・・・・・・1book


Driving systemManualMotor drive
Distance between grips25 ~ 500㎜25 ~ 500㎜
Beginning tension1~20g1~20g
Elongation±10 ㎜(Minimum reading scale:1㎜)±10 ㎜(Minimum reading scale:1㎜)
Counter4 digits4 digits
Power sourceAC100V 50/60 Hz
Dimensions (Approx.)W860×D150×H300mmW860×D150×H300mm